Dalian Financial Bureau Deployed the Special Rectification on “Poor Governmental Service” and “Privileged Vehicles”

On April 9, Dalian financial bureau held a plenary conference to convey the spirts of provincial and municipal conference as well as leader’s speech and requirement. The working program of the special rectification on “poor government service” and “privileged vehicles” carried out by municipal committee and government shall be fully implemented.

Zhangbing, director of Dalian financial bureau, requested that all people in bureau shall take it seriously and deepen the understanding to unify the thought and movement to the provincial and municipal working deployment. Taking the “poor government service” as the breakthrough and participating in the provincial and municipal specific actions to strengthen the earnest execution, so as to fully push each work moving forward steadily.

Dalian financial bureau will strives to write a new magnificent chapter for Dalian revitalized development and construction of regional financial center with more enthusiasm, practical style and superior service.