2018 Union Working Conference was Held in Ganjingzi District

Recently, Ganjingzi District general union organized and held a working conference to make overall arrangement for the key working issues in 2018. Wangge, member of standing Party committee of Ganjingzi District attended the conference and delivered a speech. 

At the conference, focused on the theme of reform and the change of office terms, all departments of the district have described the annual key issues and projects in detail combined with the union working requirement in the new area. Especially, it made overall arrangements for promoting “project-oriented working content”, carrying out featured carrier activities named “four qualities, four promotions and three services” in a deep-going way and strengthening the overall arrangements of the performance assessment on key work in sub-district general union and trade union.

As for the following work, Wangge stressed three points. First, enhance political awareness and theoretical knowledge to maintain correct political orientation invariably for the union work. The union work shall be constantly armed with theoretical knowledge through studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, especially the new mission and requirements of important discussion of union work, team construction of industrial workers and reform and innovation of mass organization. All of these shall be fully implemented as the primary political task from present to future period. It shall enhance political leadership perseveringly to fully play its function as a bridge link. Organize and mobilize mass staffs to heighten political perspicacity and judgement and to follow the Party unswervingly. It shall intensify the integration of study and application practically to put the theory into practice and make great achievements efficiently. Second, focused on the reform theme and combined with overall working situation, it shall give full paly to the leading role of mass staffs in the process of development and revitalization. The team construction and reform of industrial working staffs shall be promoted greatly to motivate their creative potential and fuel the development and revitalization of Ganjingzi District with spirts of model workers, labor and workmanship. Besides, it shall correctly grasp the new characteristics of social principal contradiction changes in the new era. Take “project-oriented working content” and featured carrier activities as the position to provide better inclusive service for mass staffs. Centering on the principal line of enhancing “three characteristics” and “four modernizations” to highlight the problem orientation and advance the union reform thoroughly. Finally, strengthen self-construction to promote collaborative innovation and push the union to better conforming to the request of time development. Strengthen the team construction of union cadres through carrying out training solidly, so as to improve their capabilities of serving mass people. The task shall be clarified, mission be subdivided and responsibility be shouldered to fully implement the change of office terms and other important missions. It shall firmly establish overall consciousness and long-term strategy to fuel the collaborative innovation development in depth. What’s more, it shall enhance the social publicity to fully demonstrate the district union’s prosperous good momentum.