Ganjingzi District Strives to Prevent Forest Fire during Tomb Sweeping Day

During Tomb Sweeping Day, the situation of forest fire prevention in Ganjingzi District was smooth and steady without any fire alarm.

On the morning of April 4, Haoming, deputy mayor of Dalian City, together with relevant leading cadres from Forestry Bureau, came to Hongqi sub-district to take site inspection and supervise the working arrangements of forest fire prevention during Tomb Sweeping Day. Songcheng, Party secretary of the district, together with Xu Kejun, district mayor and other cadres took the lead at frontline and requested to put the forest fire prevention as the top priority.

All parties shall be cooperate and coordinated together to form a resultant force. During Tomb Sweeping Day, 4,000 people from each sub-district and relevant departments stuck to their posts at the frontline and patrolled dynamically in key areas, like forest regions and concentration areas of scattered tomb. Besides, 350 command vehicles, propaganda cars and tool vehicles were employed. Inspection teams thoroughly strengthen the supervision and examination to put the responsibility in place.

The principal leaders from sub-districts of Ganjingzi, Jiaojinshan, Zhonghua Road, Paoya and Spring, commanded at the frontline and mobilize all available forces to deepen the prevention and control system, enhance publicity, arrange volunteers to encourage the idea of civilized ancestor sacrifice, so as to prevent forest fire thoroughly.