Lushunkou District Leaders Inspected Forest Fire Prevention for Tomb-sweeping Festival

On April 4, leaders of Lushunkou District inspected the forest fire prevention work for Tomb-sweeping Festival in all urban and rural areas.

The leaders came to the Shuishiying Subdistrict, Great Wall  Subdistrict, and Guangrong Subdistrict to check the implementation of fire prevention measures at the concentration points of various graves and key forest areas. At the event, they listened to reports on the arrangements of forest fire prevention work at Tomb-sweeping Festival in all subdistricts and related departments. It is learned from the inspection that the subdistricts have fully implemented and fulfilled the local safety management responsibility system, and taken targeted preventive measures, deployed security sweeps, rehabilitation of scattered tombs, and forest fire prevention work to insure a safe and orderly festival.

Li Jun asked that the members of Forest Fire Prevention Headquarter should take joint actions to set up check points at the major crossing into mountains to prevent people from carrying fires into mountains; the forest professional and semi-professional fire brigade should be on standby status for 24 hours to ensure that no major forest fire occurred during the Tomb-sweeping Festival.