Lushunkou District Held United Front Work Conference

On April 3, Lushunkou District held its united front work conference to deliver the spirit of the national, provincial and municipal united front ministerial conference, and to implement the deployment of the Standing Committee of the Lushunkou District Committee, summarize the work of 2017, and deploy the task of 2018. Wang Qing, member of Lushunkou District Party Standing Committee, minister of United Front Work Department, secretary of Politics and Law Committee, attended the meeting and made a speech.

The conference pointed out that in 2017, the District has earnestly studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It has focused on the central task, served the overall interests, and undertaken active duties. Through the efforts, the common ideological and political foundation has been further consolidated; the advantages have been effectively brought into full play; the new social class people have achieved the achievements of the united front work; the situation of harmony and stability in ethnic and religious areas has continued to be consolidated; and the new progress of the united front work has been made.