Tang Yijun: Focus On Goal Specificization, Task Assignment And Work Refinement

From April 2 to 3, Tang Yijun, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and the governor of Liaoning Province, went to Dalian City to investigate the implementation of "focus on practice, force execution, and grasp implement" without communicate in advance and fixed plan. He went straight to the grassroots level, scene, field, enterprise workshop, project site and scientific research institute to check the progress and solve difficulties face to face.

During the investigation, Tang Yijun first came to Wafangdian City, the contact center of county’s economic development. Tang Yijun walked into the cherry canopy at the Dalian Lvhai Agricultural Ecological Park, scrutinized the growth of the fruit, asked about the situation of production and sales, encouraged enterprises to vigorously develop high-quality, high-efficiency and modern agriculture to promote the growth of farmers’income, accelerating the promotion of rural regeneration.

At Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station, Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Co., Ltd. and Intel Semiconductors (Dalian) Co., Ltd., Tang Yijun went into the project construction site and dock to learn more about the difficulties and problems encountered in the construction and development of the company. He asked relevant departments to enhance coordination to provide enterprises with the best policy, best environment and best service, ensuring the smooth progress of project construction.

Then he went to the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Rongke Energy Storage Technology Development Co., Ltd. and China Hualu Group Co., Ltd. to visit the company's workshops, key laboratories, collaborative innovation centers, and product showrooms. He learned a lot of information from there, including innovation, entrepreneurship, result transformation, talent cultivation and market development.

On the Dalian Commodity Exchange, Tang Yijun walked into the trading hall to learn more about commodity prices. He hoped that the Exchange can serve Liaoning based on Dalian, effectively release the radiation-driven function of the futures market, attract more extra-territorial resource to gather in the province, and make the "golden rice bowl" steadier and the "golden sign" shinier.

Tan Zuojun, Li Jinke and Tan Chengxu participated in the survey.