Zhuanghe City Held Conference of Civil Affairs Work & Civilized Sacrifice in Tomb Sweeping Festival

On March 30, Conference of Civil Affairs Work & Civilized Sacrifice in Tomb Sweeping Festival was held in Zhuanghe Municipal Government conference room 600 in 2018. The meeting was attended by Jiang Yan, deputy mayor of Zhuanghe City, the leaders of units directly under city government; the leaders of the towns and subdistricts and the civil affairs assistants. 

Representatives of Xinhua Subdistrict, Changsheng Subdistrict, Xuling Town, Xianrendong Town, and Daying Town made speeches on their work experience. All representatives of towns and subdistricts signed the 2018 Funeral Management Objectives with Zhuanghe Municipal Government. 

It is pointed out that we must affirm our achievements, face up to the existing problems and difficulties; strive to resolve prominent problems with a high-developed sense of responsibility; list timetables and plans to solve difficulties and problems in a short period of time without delay; do a good job in this year's civil affairs work with a strong sense of mission.