Zhuanghe City Held Warning Education Conference for Leading Cadres

On the morning of March 30, Zhuanghe City Warning Education Conference for Leading Cadre was held at the reporting hall on the first floor of the Zhuanghe Municipal Government.

The meeting was hosted by Li Yibing, deputy secretary of Zhuanghe Municipal Party Committee, and attended by Yu Decai, chairman of Zhuanghe Municipal CPPCC. Zhang Shuping, secretary of Zhuanghe Municipal Party Committee, made a speech at the meeting. Song Li, member of Standing Committee of Zhuanghe Municipal Committee, secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of Zhuanghe City, and director of Zhuanghe City Supervisory Commission read out “Notice of Partial Party Cadres’Nonfeasance and Disorder Feasance.” Then they watched the educational film "Deserter - Warning Record of Severe Discipline Violation Cases by Wang Wei."

The meeting was also attended by leading cadres of Zhuanghe Municipal Standing Committee, Standing Committee of Zhuanghe Municipal People’s Congress, Zhuanghe Municipal Government, and Zhuanghe Municipal CPPCC; the leaders of Dalian Beihuanghai Economic Zone and heads of various departments; major leaders of Zhuanghe City Court, Zhuanghe Procuratorate and other leaders; leading memebers of Zhuanghe City Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission and directors of all departments; leading members of Zhuanghe Municipal Party Committee, municipal units, towns (subdistricts); some leaders of the state-owned enterprises.