The National People’s Congress of Lushunkou District Inspected Construction and Operation of Power Grid

On March 29, Huang Jian, director of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress (NPC) of Lushunkou District, and Liu Baode, deputy director, conducted inspection on Baiyu Power Substation, Longwangtang Central Power Supply Station and Power Dispatch Control Center.

Wang Zhaoqing, deputy district mayor of Lushunkou District, the  delegates of NPC of some cities and districts and the members of the Environmental Resources Urban and Rural Construction Committee also went to inspect.

After the inspection, a symposium was held, which presided over by Liu Baode, deputy director of Standing Committee of  NPC of Lushunkou. The delegates watched the power supply company's power grid construction and operation video clips and work report at the symposium. Then they made recommendations in many aspects, including construction of the power infrastructure, safe operation of the power grid, and construction of the rural power grid. Finally, Wang Zhaoqing made a speech on how to further implement the suggestions offered by the delegates according to situation of the Lushunkou District.