“Assembly of Scientific and Technological Services” in Zhuanghe Was Initiated Roundly in 2018

On March. 27, the “Assembly of Scientific and Technological Services”, hosted by Zhuanghe Agricultural Bureau, was held in a market of agricultural products in Qingdui Town. It marked the large-scale activity for popular science of 2018 spring ploughing in Zhuanghe was initiated in an all-round way. 

This activity aimed to further improve farmer’s scientific and technological level, so as to advance Zhuanghe urban agricultural development in a modern way and to push for deep-going progress in targeted poverty alleviation with science and technology. Based on villages and towns, it adopted various forms including expert consultation, display panel promotion, distribution of materials and spot demonstration, to realize the effect that the scientific staff can enter each family to spread the technology to everyone. Besides, the explanation for the question shall be in detail, so that the farmers can plant in an efficient and scientific way.