Zhuanghe Dialect Was Included in National Language Database

A few days ago, we learned that on the acceptance conference of Chinese Language Conservation Works, 2017 projects held by State Language Commission in Liaoning Province, Zhuanghe dialect has passed the official acceptance to be included in National Language Database. 

In accordance with the work arrangements of State Language Commission and Provincial Language Commission, the city area of Zhuanghe was listed as the dialect collecting area of 2017 language conservation works by Provincial Language Commission, which was also chosen as the national dialect protection region. With the concerted efforts of Zhuanghe Education Bureau, Teacher Training School, Experimental Primary School and Hongyan Primary School, Dalian Language Commission, together with project team of experts from Liaoning Normal University and Zhuanghe Language Commission, has selected and trained speakers, made paper questionnaire, recorded and edited audio and video. Until last December, all the works have been completed and successfully passed the official acceptance of State Language Commission through 8-month efforts. The outcome was well received by experts, which was also recommended by Provincial Language Commission as the only excellent project among 4 cities in Liaoning Province to Chinese Language Conservation Center.