Dalian Wins “First High-quality Cherry Demonstration Area”in China

From March 19 to 21, “2018 China Cherry Annual Meeting &  Cherry Facilities Observation Exhibition” was successfully held in Wafangdian City, Dalian. It was hosted by the Cherry Branch of China Horticultural Society and People’s Government of Wafangdian, organized by People’s Government of Delisi, and supported by many organizations such as Dalian Rural Economic Committee. The opening ceremony was attended by Hao Ming(vice mayor of Dalian Government), Gao Shundong(mayor of Wafangdian Municipal Government) and Song Yuzhang(member of Wafangdian Municipal Committee). They made speeches respectively at the ceremony. Three products "Dalian Cherry", "Dalian Apple" and "Delisi Cherry" were awarded the National Agricultural Product Registration Product. Sun Zhiyong(director of Geographical Signs Division of China Green Food Development Center), and Zhang Kaichun (director of Cherry Branch of China Horticultural Society) issued the certificate to them, awarded "China High-quality Cherry Demonstration Zone" to Dalian; “China Big Cherry Facilities Cultivation Demonstration Zone”to Wafangdian City; “Cherry Forestry Industry Demonstration Base of China Horticultural Society” to Deli Temple Town.

The China Cherry Annual Conference is important for national cherry industry. In 2018, the Conference will be held in Dalian, which is a high recognition and full trust for the development of Dalian Cherry and an opportunity for the cherry industry in Dalian.

The theme of this annual meeting is“change”and“innovation”. Compared with previous years, this meeting has the largest number of participants and the most colorful organization activities. The elites from national cherry industry were brought together to share and analyze the development of the cherry industry through exchanges, lectures, demonstrations, competitions, and visits.