Dalian Animal Health Inspection Held 2018 Conference on Animal Health Inspection and Law Enforcement

Dalian Animal Health Inspection held the conference of 2018 municipal animal health inspection and law enforcement work on the morning of March 20. The conference was attended by the directors of Animal Health Inspection of all districts (cities) and counties and the chiefs of the various departments of Dalian Animal Health Inspection. This conference aims to implement animal husbandry and veterinary work in Liaoning Province and the spirit of animal health inspection and law enforcement training conference. The conference was presided over by Zhu Youchun, deputy director of Dalian Animal Health Inspection. Li Chunhui (deputy directors of Dalian Animal Health Inspection) read out the decision to honor the advanced individual in animal health inspection in Dalian in 2017.  Yin Wensheng, director of Dalian Animal Health Inspection, signed a responsibility statement with the directors of inspection office of all districts(cities) and counties .

Yin Wensheng summed up the city’s animal health supervision work in 2017 and detailed arrangements for the deployment of 2018, including animal quarantine, epidemic prevention and inspection, interprovincial transfer, and supervision and enforcement.