The Center Group of Theory Studying of the Leading Party Group of the Municipal Government (Enlarged) Held the Special Study Meeting

The center group of theory studying of the leading Party group of the Municipal Government (enlarged) held the special study meeting yesterday, to learn “Regulations for Open Management of Party Affairs of Chinese Communist Party (trial)”, in order to promote the opening of the party affairs of the leading Party group of the municipal government. Tan Chengxu, the secretary of the leading Party group of the municipal government and the mayor of Dalian, held the meeting and made a speech. Members of the leading Party group of the municipal group including Hao Ming, Luo Dongsheng, Jin Guowei and Yi Qingtao attended the meeting, and Wen Xueqiong, the vice mayor, was present at the meeting.


According to the speech of Tan Chengxu, the promotion of the opening of the party affairs is an important measure to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and strengthen Party discipline comprehensively and improve the leading level of the Party; in addition, it is the important embodiment of “four self-confidence” of our Party as well as the important approach to strengthen the “four awareness” of the whole Party, playing an important role in developing democracy within the Party, strengthening supervision within the Party, motivating the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the Party, so as to achieve self-purification, self improvement, self innovation and self ability promotion. It is needed for us to implement the Though on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era by Xi Jinping, and stand up for the authority and concentrated leadership of the Party Central Committee with the core of Xi Jinping, to establish “four awareness” and implement “four self-confidence”, to combine with the practical government works and implement various stipulations of the “Regulations”.


It was emphasized by Tan Chengxu that the formulation and release of the “Regulations” indicated the institutional, standardized and procedural opening of the party affairs. It is necessary to implement by combining with practical conditions, to highlight political, authentic, public and timely natures, so as to promote the opening of the party affairs as well as respond to concerns of party members and the public, to promote implementation, supervision and improvement.