Jinpu New District launched a three-year action plan for “Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone”

According to the revised edition of Jinpu New District 3-Year Action Plan (2017-2019) In Re Construction of Shenyang-Dalian State-Level Independent Innovative Demonstration Zone which was published recently, Jinpu New District will be a regional technical innovation and business incubation center of international influence, as well as the model for the national strategy to revitalize Northeastern China by the end of 2019.

Details of the action plan are as follows:

- Achieve obvious progress in construction of the independent innovative demonstration zone in Jinpu New District;

- Prioritize development of future-type industrial sectors involving artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence-related new generation of information technology;

- Further promote integrated development of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence-related new generation of information technology with equipment manufacturing;

- Further develop pioneering sectors involving fine chemical engineering, advanced equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding and ocean engineering, clean energy, life and health, modern farming, etc.;

- Further promote innovative development of key industrial sectors involving integrated circuits, new materials, modern service, etc.;

- Further promote original innovation, integrated innovation, as well as re-innovation based on introduction, digestion, and absorption;

- Make a series of major innovative breakthroughs;

- Realize industrialization of a series of research results attained through independent innovation;

- Cultivate a series of influential innovative enterprises, as well as a series of new industrial sectors rich in potential of development;

- Newly add about 150 hi-tech enterprises, and 3000 medium-, small- or micro-sized enterprises;

- Large-scale enterprises should account for 70% of the output value of hi-tech industrial sectors;

- Service sectors should account for more than 50% of the gross regional domestic product;

- High-end manufacturing sectors should account for 38% of the sales revenue of the overall manufacturing sectors;

- Add 45 newly-established research & development institutions;

- Ownership of patents for invention per 100,000 persons should reach 25 pieces;

- Realize a turnover of Yuan 4 billion per year in transactions on the market of technology;

Overall research & development expenditure should reach 3.5% of the gross regional domestic product.