Jinpu New District Plans to Introduce More Talents Domestically and From Overseas in 2018

Based on the pattern of attracting talents specifically to industrial projects, Jinpu New District plans to introduce more talents domestically and from overseas in light of the distribution of industrial sectors in 2018, according to reports from the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Society.

This is part of the effort of Jinpu New District to fully release the district’s creative vitality and build a “special zone for talents”, according to reports.

Statistics show that last year 2257 persons with skills in various fields were introduced into Jinpu New District, including 13 who were urgently needed for industrial development; 3 persons were granted special allowances by China’s State Council; 6 persons were granted special allowances by the people’s government of Dalian; as part of Dalian’s “oversea talents program”, 30 talent introduction projects were initiated in Jinpu New District in 2017, with Yuan 10 million paid as subsidies for the newly-recruited personnel; 3 post-doctorates acquired financial assistance for post-doctorate research projects from China Postdoctoral Science Fund.