Ganjingzi Channel Expansion Project Confirmed the Winning Bidder

Yesterday, it was learned from the Headquarters Office of Dalian Bay Sea-crossing Traffic Construction Project in Jinpu New Area that after open tendering, Ganjingzi Channel Expansion Project, one of the pre-delivery projects of the Dalian Bay Sea-crossing Traffic Project, and its project supervisor have confirmed the winning bidder. The winning bidder for the Ganjingzi Channel Expansion Project is CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd. (TDC), and the winning bidder for the project supervisor is Dalian Port Construction Supervision Consulting Co., Ltd.. The construction of Ganjingzi Channel Expansion Project will make substantial progress after the publicity period, marking that the formal construction of the Dalian Bay Sea-crossing Traffic Construction Project can be expected soon.

The main construction of the Dalian Bay Sea-crossing Traffic Construction Project will be carried out in the Dalian Bay. In order to ensure the safety of the ship within the bay, the main construction of the project can be only started after adjusting the channels and anchorages in the Bay based on the requirements of the Ministry of Communications. Therefore, the construction Ganjingzi Channel Expansion Project is a prerequisite for ensuring the successful construction of Dalian Bay Sea-crossing Traffic Project.

At present, the project has completed all preparatory procedures, including the feasibility study report, environmental impact assessment report, preliminary design approval and construction drawing approval. The construction can be started after the tendering and bidding procedures.