Pulandian District Supply and Marketing Cooperative held a promotion meeting

On March 15, at Shuangshan Community in the jurisdiction of Datan Sub-District Government, farmers received a training session co-chaired by personnel from Pulandian CO-OP and Dalian Distribution Center of Rural Tourism Products on the significance and advantages of soil testing-based formulated fertilization, the planting procedure, the methods of applying formulated fertilization, etc.

The activity is part of the effort of the society to gradually promote the notion of ecological farming among farmers in the local communities.

The farmers tasted newly-introduced varieties of quality peanuts at the training session distributed by the personnel and were briefed on characteristics and advantages of the crops. Meanwhile, based on the current demand for development in the rural area, the personnel introduced the importance of order-oriented farming to the farmers.

By practicing the measures including unanimous supply of peanut seeds, unanimous management of production, unanimous purchase of peanuts from the farmers, etc., the two agencies expect to establish an operating mechanism characterized by supply of original seeds, order-oriented farming and standardized production.

By co-chairing the activity, the Pulandian District CO-OP expects not only to lower the risks in purchasing farming produce from the farmers, but also increase the farmers’ income.