Dalian Raised Lower Limit of Payment Base of Contributions Made by Workers to Housing Fund

After raising the standard of minimum wages, Dalian raised the lower limit of payment base of contributions made by workers to the housing fund, effective from March 5, 2018.

The payment base is raised from Yuan 1530 to Yuan 1620 in the following districts including Zhongshan, Xigang, Shahekou, Ganjingzi, Lushunkou, as well as Changhai County and the pioneering districts.

The payment base is raised from Yuan 1430 to Yuan 1520 in Pulandian District, Wafangdian City, and Zhuanghe City.

According to Stipulations for Management of Housing Fund enacted by the State Council, Regulations for Management of the Housing Fund enacted by the government of Dalian, Regulations for Management of Accumulation of Housing Fund in Dalian, as well as other regulations, the payment base of contributions made by newly-recruited workers to the housing fund shall not be lower than the standard of minimum wages released by related governmental departments for the same year.