Zhuanghe Disabled Persons Federation Held Its 7th Congress

On March 16, the 7th  congress of the Zhuanghe Disabled Persons Federation was held at the training center of the Zhuanghe Disabled Persons Association in Zhuanghe. The meeting was attended by the leaders of Zhuanghe City, Zhang Shuping, Yu Decai, Li Yibing, Lu Yanqing, and Jiang Yan. Jiang Li, chairman of Dalian Disabled Persons Federation, was invited to attend the congress.

The congress heard and reviewed the work report of the Executive Council of the 6th Presidium of the Zhuanghe Disabled Persons Federation, summarized the achievements made in the development of disabled persons in the past five years, and set its goals and tasks in the next five years; The new members of the Presidium were elected; Honorary Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Presidium were hired; Chairman and Vice Chairman of the 7th Presidium were elected; The Executive Chairman, Vice Chairman and members of the 7th Executive Committee of the Zhujiang Disabled Persons Federation were elected; Delegates to participate in the Dalian Disabled Persons Federation were elected.

Jiang Yan, chairman of the new presidium and deputy mayor, made a speech on how to implement the spirit of this congress and do a better job for disabled people.