Shicheng Town in Zhuanghe City Was Selected As Provincial-level Town with Characteristics

 In the list of the first 20 provincial-level featured towns announced by the Leading Office for the Construction of Town with Characteristics of Liaoning Province, Shicheng Town in Zhuanghe City was successfully selected as a provincial-level featured town.

Shicheng Town in Zhuanghe City is known as the “hometown of oysters” for the oysters here are large and delicious. Since 2015, supported by relevant documents and related policies, Shicheng Town in Zhuanghe City adjusted its measures to local conditions, giving full play to the industrial advantages of the local oyster industry, and has been actively promoting the construction of oyster town based on the creation of featured town. Furthermore, through the platform of “hometown of oysters”, Shicheng Town adopt the innovative development model of “company plus farmer” to intensively culture oysters in a large scale, which was supported by Dalian Shangpintang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.. It wants to create an oyster town with characteristics of oyster culturing, fishery tourism, seafood trade, and ocean food culture.