Jinpu New Area Have Fully Met Its Commitment to At-most-once for Administrative Examination and Approval

Since last year, the New Area has fully implemented the key tasks of the business environment construction, and implemented new measures such as “navigation for examination and approval” and “free shipping in the same city” to broaden the green channels for key projects’ approval. On the basis of the “one seal for five certificates and one license for one code”, the certificates and licenses of enterprises for the record class such as account opening license and record of foreign trade managers will be integrated into their business licenses, achieving the “26 certifications integrated into one license”and “one license for one code”. Through the implementation of reform measures such as the negative list system, the list system of power and responsibility and the reform of e-government, the New Area has fully met its commitment to “at-most-once” for administrative examination and approval, and the volume of online business dealing has accounted for more than 95% of the total business volume.