Zhuanghe City Made Every Effort at the Crucial Stage of Municipal Project Construction

On March 6th, Zhuanghe City’s Crucial Scheduling Conference on Key Projects was held at Meeting Room 600 of the municipal government. Zhang Shuping, party secretary of Zhuanghe City, was present at the conference and delivered a speech. Yu Chengfu, member of the municipal standing committee and executive vice-mayor of Zhuanghe City, presided over the meeting. Leaders of Zhuanghe City, including Li Damin, Zhao Linyan, Huang Quan, Su Changzhong, Wang Limin, Kong Xiangdong and Wang Meng, as well as heads from relevant departments and towns and communities attended the conference.

In 2018, Zhuanghe City confirmed 112 key projects, with 47 undertaken by the economic zone and 65 by different departments of Zhuanghe Government as well as villages, towns and residential districts. On the first day of the new year, Zhuanghe convened the mobilization meeting of ‘the crucial year of projects’ and ‘the breakthrough year of investment promotion’, requiring the whole city to enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency on project promotion and construction for new vitality in economic growth of Zhuanghe City.

At the meeting, responsible units of 30 key projects reported on project schedule, existing problems and future work plan. Recommendations and requirements were proposed by city leaders in charge.

In the speech, Zhang Shuping noted that according to the requirements of relevant conferences in Dalian, this year, all projects with budgets of over 50,000,000 yuan would be resolved and reported on a monthly basis. At the meeting, relevant units introduced their monthly tasks as well as existing problems and solutions of the municipal key projects, defining their tasks. Comments of City leaders in charge were also constructive.