The 2018 Spring Enterprise Fair on Laborer Recruitment Has Been Successfully Held in Lvshun Economic And Technological Development Zone

Recently, the Enterprise Fair has been successfully held in Lvshun Economic and Technological Development Zone and comes to fruition. With 40 participating enterprises, there were more than 1000 jobs offered and more than 3000 job seekers attending this fair with 500 of them reaching their employment intentions.


The main characteristics of this year’s Laborer Recruitment Fair are as follows.


Firstly, judicious preparation leads a well-ordered way for the fair. Before the Spring Festival, under the unified deployment of the management council, Department of Human Resource and Social Security launched this project. So the most of the work could be mainly completed before the Spring Festival and the Spring Festival atmosphere won’t be a hamper as usual. 


Secondly, making effective use of all forms of media takes advantage on publicity. The Department of Human Resource and Social Security took actions immediately. Their staff put the recruitment ad--Spring Action--at Lvshun Passenger Station, at Yantai Dalian Ferry Station, on Lvshun TV Station, on the management council portal and the WeChat public platform of Lvshun Economic Development Zone, and on the moments of WeChat and so on, which is greatly popularized this fair.


Thirdly, the number of participating enterprises increased based on the early in-depth investigation. To attract more enterprises participating in the fair and provide more opportunities of employment, the Department of Human Resource and Social Security took particular investigations on over 40 central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises like DALIAN COSCO KHI SHIP ENGINEERING CO.,LTD., DALIAN DAJI VEHICLES CO., LTD.,

LE BELIER(DALIAN)FOUNDRY CO.,LTD., DALIAN ORIENTAL YIPENG EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. and exchanged ideas with these enterprises which greatly increased their enthusiasm to take part in the Spring Action.