Tan Chengxu's Theme Speech on Liaoning delegation's Plenary Session to Review and Discuss the Government Work Report

The Liaoning delegation attended the 1st session of the 13th National People's Congress held plenary session to review and discuss the government work report yesterday. Tan Chengxu, deputy to the National People’s Congress and mayor of Dalian, made a theme speech on the meeting.

“Building free trade area promoted the Dalian opening  up. Moreover, Dalian positively took part in the construction of belt and road and put forward continuous healthy development of economy and sciety. ”said Tan Chengxu.

Dalian free trade area committed to the spirit of bold attempt, bold development and independent reform. Its three mutual measures of customs clearance and international trade single window were at the forefront of China. It has more than 20 institutional innovation cases of which 7 measures, such as new supervision model of bonded mixed ore, will popularize across the country.   

"There has been launched 6 China-Europe railway expresses (bidirectional international marine and rail transportation channel) linking China with Japan, Korea, Southeast Asian and European states. Djibouti free trade area built by Dalian and others will put into use. We invested more than 90 enterprises in countries along the belt and road. Service centers, exhibition centers as well as research and development centers were established in more than 20 countries. Meanwhile, more than 30 overseas warehouses are built in progress or prepared to be built. We will further expand international capacity cooperation, improve network system of transport corridor, strengthen cultural cooperation with the goal of integrating the construction of belt and road."

"The total imports and exports of Dalian increased by 21.7% last year, its structure of foreign trade products continued to optimize and foreign direct investment represented 60.8% of the total amount of Liaoning province. We will carry out three-year actions for strong trade city. We will seize the opportunity of resource integration in Liaoning Port to accelerate the building of Northeast Asian International Shipping Center and enhance Dalian's status in global shipping system." said Tan Chengxu.

Tan Chengxu also gave some advices for the approval and construction of Dalian Free Trade Port.