Liaoning Delegation Held Plenary Session to Review and Discuss the Government Work Report

Liaoning delegation attended held plenary session to review and discuss the government work report by Primer Li Keqiang On March 6.

Yang Jiechi (member of the Communist Party’s Poliburo and state councilor), Chen Qiufa (secretary of Liaoning Provincial Party committee and director of the Liaoning Procincial People’s Congress), Tang Yijun (deputy secretary of Liaoning Provincial Party committee and governor of Liaoning), Jiang Youwei (the mayor of Shenyang), and Tan Chengxu (the mayor of Dalian) made a speech, respectively.

“In the past year, Liaoning implemented major decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core and obtained new developments and achievements in all our work. We should further learn and apply the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a new era, especially the economic thoughts with new development conception as the main content to continually make new achievements in economic and social development. ”said Yang Jiechi.

“We will further learn and implement the guiding principles from 19th CPC National Congress and guided by the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a new era. According to the requirements and plans of the two sessions, we will step up efforts to build the one belt and five bases, implement the development strategy for five major districts and three-year action plan in different areas so that to promote our economy development with high quality.”said Chen Qiufa.

“In order to ensure the success of economic and social development for a new era, we should faithfully implement the guiding principles from Xi Jinping for Liaoning and the major decisions and plans determined by the Party Central Committee. We should speed up opening up to promote high-quality development and vitalization in all respects. With the goal of solidifying the recovery of external trade and developing a new model of opening up, we will build comprehensive test area of Liaoning belt and road development, China-Central and Eastern Europe "16+1" economic and trade cooperation area and Liaoning free trade area and launch investment and talent attraction project.”said Tang Yijun.

“Government work report makes new demands for opening up and we will fully and faithfully apply them. We will introduce new policies and measures. We will realize vitalization of Shenyang via development of open economy. We will increase external investments and cooperation in production capacity, improve the quality of foreign capital utilization, increase new competitive advantages of external trade, improve platform and channel, innovate opening up institutions and mechanisms and develop a new model of opening up.”said Jiang Youwei.

“Government work report emphasized that the opening up policy was a critical strategy determining the fate of contemporary China and achieving the two centenary goals. Dalian will give full play to its advantages, speed up the building free trade area,accelerate the belt and road construction, promote the construction of Dalian Northeast Asian International Shipping Center and improve the level of opening up so that we can try our best to be a bellwether in a new round opening up process of Liaoning.”said Tan Chengxu.