Zhuanghe Officials Visited School Campus Focusing on Inspection of Safety Works

 The new semester began on March 1 after the Spring Festival holidays.

  On this day, accompanied by officials of Education Bureau of Zhuanghe City, Li Yibing, deputy secretary of Zhuanghe CPC committee visited the central primary school in Xuling town, Zhuanghe city for inspection of works on campus safety and other works.

  Upon arriving at the central primary school, Li Yibing and other officials visited the kids who were having a class meeting themed on sacrificial culture – the kids used BBT tablets or blackboards to advocate the idea of green sacrificial culture.

  Later, at Zhuanghe No. 12 Middle School, Li Yibing and other officials were briefed on works on campus safety by the schoolmaster. Li Yibing and other officials had warm communications with the students at the classroom.

  “Safety education is one of the important works in the school. Campus safety is one of the top priorities in school management. It’s the prerequisite and guaranty for quality-oriented education. It’s necessary to do a good job for us in terms of security, epidemic prevention, fire protection in the campus and management of the environment around the school. Meanwhile, we should have the contingency plan, and guard against any potential risk,” Li Yibing said.