11 Representatives of Our City Arrived in Beijing

Undertaking the honorable task the new era endows with, having faith in prosperity and development and with commission of all the citizens in our city, on March 3, 11 representatives of the NPC, Tan Chengxu, Xiao Shengfeng, Xu Song, Liu Zheng, Liu Hong, Lin Yongzhong, Sun Yuanhua, Yang Xueming, Lu Xindi, Zhao Mngzhi and Zhu Chaozhi, arrived in Beijing to attend the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress. Together with representatives from different parts of the country, they will carry out their duties according to the law, discuss national affairs and promote development together.

The representatives said, guided by Xi Jinping’s ideology of socialist with Chinese Characteristics in the new era, according to the grand blueprint of Comrade Xi Jinping on fully prosperity of the old industrial base in Liaoning Province and the urgent expectations to the construction of two advanced regions, centering on main themes of the congress and various topics, working with full political enthusiasm and high political responsibilities, they will seriously carry out the holy duties bestowed by the Constitution and laws, further improve political position and strengthen political consciousness, think and act earnestly according to the arrangements of the Party Central Committee which is leaded by Comrade Xi Jinping, seriously consider and discuss various reports at the congress, offer advice and suggestions actively, bring voices of common people to the congress and live up to the expectations of all the citizens.