Jinpu New Area Held Union Work Conference

Jinpu New Area Vocational Education League Officially Started

Yesterday afternoon, the 2018 Union Conference for the New Area was held to pass on conference spirit of the national, provincial and municipal union, acknowledge the achievements of both the 2017 excellent units for collective consultation and democratic management work system and the 2017 excellent representatives for staff consultation. Ji Zheng, deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee in Jinpu New Area, as well as leaders from the Municipal Labor Union were present at the conference. Leaders of different departments in the area, functional regions(parks) and streets, together with the chairman of the Labor Union attended the conference.

The leader in charge of the Labor Union in the New Area delivered a report at the conference. In 2017, based on loyalty, legality, fairness, harmony, warmth and vitality, the Labor Union in the New Area strengthened the features in the political, advanced and mass aspects, got rid of institutionalized, administrative, aristocratic and entertaining problems, fully strengthened the construction of the Labor Union system, successfully accomplished various tasks.

At the conference, the vocational education league in the New Area was officially started. It was understood that the New Area was titled ‘National Demonstration Site of Vocational Education’, the only one of 200 demonstration sites which was named after the region.