Jinpu New Area Implement Management Standards of Compulsory Education Schools

With the new term around the corner, yesterday, the social undertakings department in the new area held a conference on educational work to implement the Management Standards of Compulsory Education Schools issued by Education Department in December last year and further improve education to people’s satisfaction. Zhang Hongguang, assistant director of Jinpu New Area Administrative Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The conference informed the main points of the municipal compulsory education work in 2018, announced Satisfaction Survey Report on Education of the new area in 2017. 5 schools and kindergartens took turns to deliver speeches for experience exchange.  

Zhang Hongguang stressed that we should stick to the strategic position of educational development, continuously improve people’s satisfaction with education, continue to achieve new developments on both students and teachers and make every efforts to make education in the new area hard power and a golden card.