Jinpu New Area Earnestly Doing a Good Job in Solving the Problems Fed Back by National Marine Supervision

A few days ago, the New Area held the first leader group conference of national marine supervision correction work, studied  and implemented relevant spirit of municipal leaders and carried out Correction Plans of the Problems Fed Back by National Marine Supervision in Dalian Jinpu New Area. Song Zhenmin, Jinpu New Area Party Work Committee member, assistant director of the Administrative Committee, executive assistant head of the national marine supervision correction work group in the region, attended the conference and delivered a speech.

Of the problem list fed back by the national marine supervision of the city, there were 24 items relevant to correction problems in the New Area. The City Construction Bureau was in charge of 1 item, with the New Area as an assistant unit, and the New Area was responsible to the other 23 items. The problems mainly reflected failed implementation of system and policy(4 items involved), prominent problems of reclamation without approval(12 items involved), informal approval and supervision of reclamation projects(2 items involved), and failed supervision of reclamation(4 items involved) as well as poor pollution prevention in coastal areas(1 item involved), totally 5 items.