Bonded Zone Promote First-quarter Achievements Through ‘Sifting’ Projects

A dispatch conference of key projects was held in the bonded zone to sort out some important continuous projects, new projects, sign and arrival projects as well as projects under discussion, solve the difficulties and problems in promoting some of the projects, ensuring arrival and start of the projects and promoting first-quarter achievements.

Currently, important projects promoted in the bonded zone are advanced manufacturing projects including Weima Cars, Panasonnic Phase II, Kedal Phase II, Kangrongtai Aluminium, Maflow Phase II, Tebixi Construction Materials and UPC Photovoltaic and Wind Power Generation; modern service projects including Dalian operation center of Vipshop, Jingdong e-commerce operation center, Zhuozhi Supply-chain, Shounong Supply-chain, Hengpu Logistics Phase II; functional projects including Xincheng · Wuyue Plaza, Kaisa, Dalian LNG Logistics Hub Port, Dalian Industrial Park of Chinese Medicine, Fengshu international Industrial Park in Dalian, Dalian International Expo Center for Advanced Equipments and Education Zone for Application Technologies.

‘According to the requirement of the free trade experimental zone and the free trade port, we will emphasize the optimization of industrial structure, stress the expansion of car industry and build a trillion-level industrial group in an innovative harmonious, green, open and sharing way, complete the ecological chain construction of common vehicles, new energy vehicles and relevant service industry by 2022. Make 600 thousand whole vehicles, with one third of them new energy ones. And the gross value of industrial chain will reach a new high level of 100 billion yuan.’ A relevant leader in charge of the bonded zone said.