World’s Largest LNG Carrier Berth at LNG Terminal in Jinpu New Area

Recently, the world’s largest LNG gas carrier ‘Al Samriya’ berthed at Dalian LNG terminal in the New Area. The carrier has made a long voyage from Qatar here, extending over 10,000 kilometers. ‘Al Samriya’ is the world’s largest Q-Max LNG carrier with 345 meters in length and 50 meters in width, and a loading quality of 260,000 tons, which equals to 151 million cubic meters of natural gas.

Dalian LNG terminal, which locates in the New Area, is the first one in our nation that was designed, built and managed all by ourselves. Since completed and started production in November, 2011, LNG from Qatar has started to enter Dalian LNG terminal. With the implement of ‘changing coal into gas’ policy, last year, this terminal transported 15,180 loads of LNG by tankers, which equaled  to the total of the last five years. More and more countries are entering the procurement list of this terminal.