Zhuanghe City held Spring Job Fair for Talents Employment

On February 24th, the 2018 Zhuanghe City Spring Job Fair for Talents Employment was held in Wanda Plaza.

At 9:30 a.m., many crowded at the job fair. A continuous stream of applicants came to the stands, making the whole place particularly lively. Among the applicants were fresh and previous college graduates, migrant workers and a significant number of job-hoppers. This recruiting event drew nearly 200 employers altogether, including Lindong Holdings Limited, Wanli and Ankang Company Limited. Through analysis of the positions that the applicants would like to target, we knew that there was an acute shortage of skilled personnel, especially for those manufacturing industries which demanded skilled talents urgently. Meanwhile, demands in sales, management and engineering are also very big.

It is understood that during the two-day job fair, over 5000 jobs were offered to job seekers.