Zhuanghe City Launched a Campaign of Civilized Sacrifice

With the Lantern Festival coming, on February 26th and 27th,  a law enforcement team, consisting of Zhuanghe Bureau of Civil Affairs, Zhuanghe Market Regulatory Authority, Zhuanghe Urban Management Team and Zhuanghe Public Security Bureau, went deep into the businesses along the street to launch the campaign of civilized sacrifice and further promote this new trend.

During the two-day campaign, the law enforcement team sent out 5 vehicles and more than 20 law enforcement officials to broadcast the campaign continuously through a vehicle public address system and at the same time went into street side supermarkets, florist shops, Buddhism appliances stores and sacrificial offerings stores, etc. where they sent A Letter to the Commercial Tenants to over 700 merchants and carried out safety education there.

It is understood that on the eve of the Lantern Festival the law enforcement team will launch a specific clearance and rectification action to maintain a pressing posture, ensuring the Lantern Festival sacrifice civilized and healthy.