Zhuanghe Municipal Government Hosted 2018 Meeting on Educational Works

A meeting was held on February 24 on the 1st floor of Zhuanghe municipal governmental building, summarizing the educational works in 2017, and making arrangements for educational works in 2018.

About 400 people attended the meeting, including Jiang Yan (deputy mayor of Zhuanghe city), related officials of Zhuanghe National People’s Congress, Zhuanghe Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Publicity Department of Zhuanghe CPC committee, Zhuanghe Bureau of Education, as well as leaders of related governmental departments including the education departments of the towns (sub-districts) and all levels and types of schools in the jurisdiction of Zhuanghe city.

In 2018, all levels of education departments should focus on the target of consolidating the achievement made in terms of balanced development of compulsory education in Zhuanghe as a whole, according to the meeting.

Works of the education departments include the following aspects in 2018, according to the meeting:

-continuing to promote balanced development of education in the

rural and urban area;

-strengthening public investment in compulsory education;

-continuing to improve the quality of education;

-continuing to improve the quality of the whole teaching staff;

-continuing to comprehensively improve the educational


-continuing to improve the working style of the education departments and teachers;

-continuing to promote legal management of cause of education;

-continuing to upgrade the comprehensive strength in terms of education;

At the meeting, personnel of Zhuanghe Bureau of Education signed the letter of responsibility with the representatives of all levels and types of schools in the jurisdiction of Zhuanghe city in terms of safety, maintenance of social stability, health, personnel’s working style, etc.