Dalian Planning Bureau Investigated the Taiyanggou Cultural Industry Park

On January 31, Liu Dongli, director of Dalian Planning Bureau, went to Lushunkou District to investigate the situation of Taiyanggou, such as the planning of Taiyanggou Historical and Cultural Block, the protection and maintenance of historical buildings, the ownership of construction property right in the area, the construction of National Historical and Cultural Park based on Taiyanggou and the application for world cultural heritage. Yi Qingtao (secretary of CPC committee of Lushunkou District), Xia Deyong (committeeman of Lushunkou District and deputy district chief) and Chi Junpeng (director of the Administrative Committee of Taiyanggou Cultural Industry Park) participated in the investigation.

In 2014, Liaoning Province named Taiyanggou Historical and Cultural Block as the Cultural Industry Experimental Park and upgraded it as a demonstration zone in November, 2017. The Park plans 11.45 square kilometers as the control area. It is based on the deep excavation of historical and cultural resources of Taiyanggou and follows the principles of protection, restoration and utilization. The park focuses on objects remains, historical values, environmental features and development space and studies how to make use of historical and cultural heritages to achieve the protection of area renaissance and development of comprehensive strategies with new ideas and perspectives. It wants to activate the inner vitality within the historical and cultural areas of Taiyanggou, and protect the Historical and Cultural block of Taiyanggou. There are 353 existing buildings in Taiyanggou and the surrounding area, including 4 national-level units, 18 provincial-level units and 3 district-level units for protection of cultural relic, and another 17 are included in the list of immovable cultural relics protection in the district. In recent years, Lushunkou District has invested part of historic buildings for their protective repairs with about 10 million yuan.  However, due to the ownership of property rights, the protective repairs can not be carried out on a large scale and some historic buildings are in danger of being irreparable. At present, the property rights issue of Taiyanggou century-old building is the bottleneck that restricts the economic and social development of Taiyanggou. It is actively addressing the ownership of historic buildings of Taiyanggou now. In order to protect and utilize the Taiyanggou Historical and Cultural Block, the park is carrying out the application for the National Historical and Cultural Memory Park and the world cultural heritage.

Liu Dongli said that the bureau will definitely make close contact with relevant departments of Lushun and pay attention to the application of Historical and Cultural Block of Taiyanggou, assisting the Lushunkou District in handling the historical problems of Taiyanggou and doing a good job in the protection of the historic buildings of Taiyanggou, so as to jointly promote the construction development of the Taiyanggou Cultural Industry Park.