Lushunkou District Held A Deployment Meeting to Guarantee Heating in cold weather
On January 30, Lushunkou District government held a deployment meeting to guarantee heating in cold weather, analyzing the current situation of heating work and deploying the heating work in the next stage.
The meeting reported the complaints about heating in the district. At present, the heating work in Lushunkou District is going on well. Most of the reasonable demands from users have been effectively solved, and the heating situation is generally stable.

Wang Zhaoqing, deputy district chief of Lushunkou District, pointed out that heating work is a livelihood project involving the vital interests of people and it is also a political task concerning the harmonious and stable society. Although Lushun heating work gained great achievement, but there is still a long way to meet the expectation of masses. All departments and heating enterprises must earnestly carry out the work of guarantee, such as heating equipment’s maintenance, coal storage, emergency repair, handling heating complaints in time. They should clear responsibility and take full account of factors, such as heating needs, heat source construction, remaining problems and bad weather, and further intensify their efforts to ensure that residents had a warm winter.