Culture Department of Liaoning Province Investigated the Lushunkou District

On January 30, Ding Hui (deputy director of Liaoning Culture Department) and his party, as well as the relevant leaders of Dalian Cultural Bureau and Archeology Institute, went to Taiyanggou Cultural Industry Park of Lushunkou District for investigation. The lecture was attended by the leaders of Lushunkou District, including Yi Qingtao,Zheng Xu, Chi Junpeng.

Yi Qingtao, secretary of CPC committee of Lushunkou District, said that Dalian Municipal Committee and government attaches great importance to the development of the Taiyanggou in Lushunkou District in recent years. Lushunkou District Committee and government are also actively looking for a chance to develop Taiyanggou. Taiyanggou area has many historic buildings, which are in urgent need of maintenance. He hoped that the Liaoning Culture Department can promote the protection and development of the historical culture and cultural relics of the Taiyanggou through the investigation.

Ding Hui said that Lushunkou District Committee and government devoted a great deal of effort to Taiyanggou. The investigation also found many historical and cultural relics which are worthy of protection and excavation. The Culture Department will  organize materials actively and put forward protection plans for these historic buildings as soon as possible. What’s more, it will report them to the superior department, making every effort to protect the Taiyanggou’s historical and cultural relics and develop its culture industry.