Speech Delivered by Tan Chengxu at the Closing Ceremony of the First Session of the Sixteenth NPC of Dalian





I really appreciate your trust and electing me as the Mayor of Dalian. I am fully aware of the magnitude of this trust; it represents the expectation and great trust of 7 million citizens of Dalian. I'd like to express my most sincere gratitude to all the citizens! At this solemn moment, I take over the relay baton of the Mayor and I can feel the magnitude of this responsibility and the glory of this mission. I will surely be loyal to the Party and our people and earnestly fulfill the duties entrusted by them. Always remain young and passionate and give myself to the Party and our country; I will never betray the trusts and expectations of the Central Party Committee, Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee, or the earnest trust of all the representatives and Dalian's citizens; I will invest my passion, time and strength into works.


Dalian is the leader for revitalization and opening up of the Northeast; it is a city with glorious traditions and charms, and has splendid achievements and great development prospects. Dalian's citizens are very proud of their own city; so am I. I like this beautiful city very much and I really appreciate the nurturing and cultivation by the people; and this is a great opportunity and platform for me to do something good for my hometown. I just came back for one week, the thriving and hardworking virtues and the pioneering qualities of the people, as well as the exploring, accurate and practical spirits and styles really inspired me. The speech of Comrade Xiao Shengfeng is full of sincere emotions and one can easily see his deep love and blessings to Dalian. Comrade Xiao Shengfeng took a clear-cut stand on politics and braved through the key period of Dalian's revitalization and the key stage of purification and recovery of the political ecosystem. He devoted all his energy and passion to revitalize Dalian and bring welfare for the people; he made very important contributions to the revitalization of Dalian and laid a solid foundation for its future development; these are the precious treasures our comrades and I need to earnestly learn and carry forward. Let's show our great respect and sincere gratitude to Comrade Xiao Shengfeng, members of the previous administration and the old leaders and comrades who sweated for Dalian's development!


The new journey entails a long way and heavy responsibilities, while the new mission is sacred and glorious. Currently, the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics has entered a new era, and Dalian's development has stepped on a new starting point. The fifth session of the twentieth Municipal Committee launched the new journey of building a "Two-ahead District" and sounded the bulge of becoming the leader and bellwether for comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning. The government work report delivered by comrade Xiao Shengfeng made comprehensive arrangements for the economic and social development of this year and the next five years; the blueprint is plotted and the objective is uplifting, we are fully confident about our future. This strength and confidence come from the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee and the enthusiastic support of the municipal people's congress and the CPPCC. Under the strong support of the municipal Party committee led by comrade Tan Zuojun, Dalian's political and social lives are thriving and the cadres and peoples are high-spirited; the economy of Dalian develops steadily, the urban functions are constantly perfected, welfare and livelihood of the people are improved and various enterprises are blooming. This strength and confidence come from the consensus on the positioning, development strategy and development idea of Dalian. We continue to deepen our understanding of the urban development positioning an d enhance our grasp of the natural endowment and development rules through deep learning and discussion activities; we reached consensus on the future objectives, development strategy, major tasks and important measures; the objectives are definite and the path is clear, showing the direction for our next movement. This strength and confidence also come from the important historical opportunity of Dalian's revitalization and development. The new round of Northeast revitalization strategies are implemented deeply; a series of national supporting polices are finalized and the focus of major industrial layout is shifting toward to the old industrial bases, and this offers a beneficial opportunity for Dalian to accelerate the industrial restructuring. The constructions of the Jinpu New District and Liaoning Free Trade Zone Daliao Zone are accelerating; our city's advantages of reform and opening up are getting more and more prominent.


Our dreams are ahead and this mission is calling. In here, I solemnly promise to all our citizens:


Firstly, take a clear-cut stand on politics and insist on the correct political direction all the time. Firmly establish the "four consciousness", deeply learn the spirits of the 19th national congress of the CPC and equip our minds, instruct our practices and promote our works with the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Strictly implement the first responsible person system to strengthen the Party's self-discipline; keep in line with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jingping as the core in ideology, politics and practices; support the authority and centralized leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jingping as the core; earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, Provincial Party Committee and Municipal Party Committee, make sure the municipal government's works are made in the right direction.


Secondly, concentrate on the revitalization and firmly grasp the priority of development. Implement the new development concepts and the requirements of "four bearing" and "three promoting". Insist on the steady with progress tone of works; emphasize on the fundamental requirements of high quality development and aim at the grand goals of the "two-ahead district". Fully implement the arrangements made by the provincial Party committee and the municipal Party committee for Dalian's development. Accurately position ourselves in the "one belt and five bases" for Northeast revitalization and the "five regions' development strategies" of the province, and become the bellwether for the coastal economic zone of Liaoning and achieve some results on the Liaoning Free Trade Zone Dalian Zone; fully promote the sustainable economic and social development with pioneering spirits.


Thirdly, bear in mind our mission is to serve the people and insist on the development idea of people first. I will remember the education and nurturing by the Party and Dalian's citizens and convert my deep love and gratitude to this soil to strong work impetus and bear the citizens' livelihood in mind. I will do solid works for the citizens with my heart and passion. Strength the red-line consciousness and bottom-line concept, promote the ecological civilization construction to fruit more results and better benefits; make this land warm and allow the citizens to live a quality life.


Fourthly, enhance integrity and self-discipline, and accept supervisions from all parties humbly. Give disciplines and rules high priority; strictly implement the eight-point austerity rules of the Party Central Committee and work hard to rectify the "four styles". Do things earnestly, live honestly and work with integrity, Strictly implement the democratic centralism, actively stimulate the collective wisdom and the enthusiasm and creativity of the group members. Insist on administration based on laws to enhance the execution and credibility of the government. Bear the principles of "serve the people, being practical and non-corrupted" all the time; actively receive the supervisions from the people's congress, the CPPCC, the citizens and parties from all walks of life. Stay honest and upright to uphold the good political ecosystem of Dalian.


Fifthly, insist on truthfulness and doing solid works, implement the decisions and arrangements with the spirit of driving nails. Greatly promote the working style of "strictness, carefulness and truthfulness". Insist on strictness and set rigorous standards; be brave to fund the truth,, never avoid conflicts, or being a "good person"; bear all the responsibilities which are rightfully mine and solve problems which must be solved. Pay attention to details and advocate investigation and research; resist formalism and bureaucratism. Do no superficial works and fulfill my promises to get citizens trusts. Devote to work with the spirit of fighting for every second and insist on "plot one blueprint till the end". Strive for first-class achievement with the unyielding spirits and try to usher a brand new condition of municipal government's works.


Representatives and comrades, I firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the municipal committee and with the solid foundation laid for us by the previous municipal governments, unity and cooperation of the municipal people's congress and the municipal CPPCC, as well as the great support and active participation of the cadres and citizens of the entire city, we will not let down the great trust of the provincial Party committee and the municipal Party committee and the expectations of the citizens; we will be guided by the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, unite as one looking to the future and roll up our sleeves to work harder. We shall write a new chapter of revitalization and development satisfactory to the Party and the people by our efforts and excellent results!


Thank you!