The Second Plenary Meeting at the First Session of the Thirteenth Municipal Committee of CPPCC Was Held




Tan Chengxu Delivered a Speech at the Second Plenary Meeting at the First Session of the Thirteenth Municipal Committee of CPPCC


Yesterday, the Second Plenary Meeting at the First Session of the Thirteenth Municipal Committee of CPPCC was held. 13 CPPCC members delivered speeches at the meeting to give suggestions and advice to some important issues concerning our city's revitalization and development. Deputy Municipal Party Secretary and Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of the Municipal Government Tan Chengxu, Standing Chairmen of the Presidium Wang Qiyao, Wang Lingjie, Wu Jihua, Liu Zhongmin, Wang Yuanxin, Zhao Min, Liu Gang and An Qi attended the meeting.


At this meeting, the Executive Chairmen Ning Guiling, Xu Jingyi, Deng Changhui, Song Chengqin, Dong Jing, Li Zhi, Cui Yan, Xia Chunguang, Dai Rong and Zhang Yanlin were seated on the platform.

The Standing Chairman of the Presidium Ning Guiling held the meeting.


13 CPPCC member including Xu Jingyi, Fu Qiang, Deng Changhui, Chen Hailong, Dong Jing, Zhang Yanlin, Zhao Yang, Fu Xiaohui, Yu Shujun, Li Zhi, Sun Lianyun, Cui Yan and Zhang Xuesen spoke at the meeting to address issues such as comprehensive deepening of reforms, expanding open-up and cooperation, promoting innovation, building a beautiful and livable city, developing modern service industry, promoting revitalization of villages and constructing a service government. Party groups, Special Municipal Committee of CPPCC and CPPCC members submitted 20 written statements.


Tan Chengxu fully recognized the addresses at the meeting. He said that the CPPCC members bore the city in minds, concerned about the development, and gave some very good suggestions and advices, which are based on facts and data; the troubleshooting and problem-solving were linked together. These suggestions and advices had abundant connotations, depth and passion, they condensed the efforts of the members and reflected their penetrating judgments, and provided important intellectual support for us to better promote the revitalization and development.


In his speech, Tan Chengxu expressed that the Municipal CPPCC always firmly grasps the two themes: unity and democracy over the years; it earnestly implement its functions of political consultation, democratic supervision and political participation, and made significant contributions to Dalian's revitalization and development. Each change and every achievement of this city are associated with the wisdom and efforts of CPPCC members and people from all walks of life. Tan Chengxu extended his sincere gratitude and great respect to the participating units and CPPCC members which made contributions to Dalian's economic and social development over the years.


Tan Chengxu pointed out in his speech that, the fifth session of the twentieth Municipal Committee launched the new journey of building a "Two-ahead District" and sounded the bulge of becoming the leader and bellwether for comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning. Standing in the new starting point and about to initiate the new journey; we shall bear the historical missions bravely on our shoulders and unit together to forge ahead, and create new achievements satisfactory to the era, to the Party and the people. We shall be guided by the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the provincial Party committee and the municipal Party committee and make sure the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the CPC to root and blossom in Dalian. We must firmly seize our priority, development, and insist the development idea centered on the people; input all our energy and strength to promote the revitalization and perform well in the relay contest of Dalian's revitalization and development. We must stick together and look ahead, actively support the CPPCC to perform its functions; try to draw the concentric circle bigger and make the centripetal force even stronger, and thus push Dalian to move ahead in the new journey and keeps writing new chapters of the revitalization and construction of the "Two-ahead District".