The Promotion of "Mini Forest Fire Point" in Jin Pu New District


On January 17th, Jin Pu New District held the promotion conference of the key work venue of forest fire prevention of the whole district in Fuzhou Bay Street. Jin Pu New District will promote the construction of "micro forest fire" this year, construct village (community) level of fire fighting capillaries for the vast rural area to promote forest fires prevention realizing”hit early, small and over".

As currently more advanced means of forest fire fighting, "Micro forest fire", is to establish micro forest fire point with a level of no less than 5 people in the village (community) with relevant equipment,and with the goal of "hit early, small and over", "3 minutes to assembly" and "5 minutes to arrive" to fight at the beginning of the fire and play the role of security defense, security patrol prevention and treatment team, and actively carry out the initial fire fighting of fire prevention and control work. Xia Tun Country in Fuzhou Bay Street has been built as the city's first micro forest fire point.