Ganjingzi District Quickly Learns to Convey the Spirit of "Two Sessions" and Actively to Carry out the Implementation


After the perfect closing on the morning of January 25th of Municipal People's Congress of the Sixteenth CPC National Congress, the CPC Ganjingzi Municipal Committee held in the afternoon the Standing Committee (enlarged) meetings, thematic learning to convey the 16th CPC National Congress of the Municipal People's Congress and the 13th CPC National Congress of the municipal committee of CPPCC , "municipal government work report" spirit and the spirit of city leaders to participate in the deliberations of the Ganjingzi delegation to grasp the spirit of "NPC and CPPCC" to study and implement the spirit of deployment.

According to the conference, "NPC and CPPCC" is set off in the city to study and implement the Party's 19th CPC National Congress, the spirit of building a well-off society entered the decisive stage, the first two areas building a new journey fully open the key period at a very important meeting for the whole city, and has a very important historical and realistic significance in further unifing the thought, spirit, clear goals, cohesion and strength, to promote the revitalization and development of Dalian.

We should catch the great opportunity in the first quarter. We should highlight and improve the quality of economic development, strengthen the analysis of the economic situation in the first quarter, focus on major indicators and major projects, and strengthen the implementation of research, scheduling, double bottom line control and innovation measures, so as to ensure a good start.

We should do a good job with double invitations and double absorptions. We should speed up the pace of investment, enhance the investment efficiency, and promote investment and hiring, promotion and recruitment system development. We should adhere to both investment and security, vigorously implement the strategy of strong talent area, speed up the establishment of the Ganjingzi think tank, and add impetus to the long-term development for a high starting point.

We should do a good job in the work of the people's livelihood. In time to respond to the voices of the masses, we should solve the concerns of the masses, do well in every people's livelihood and improve the well-being of the people's livelihood. In order to achieve the goal of "one drop and two litres", the heating work should be made with all efforts to ensure the warmth of the people for the winter.

We should do a good job in safe and stable work. We should strengthen the control of the source of safety production, compact the responsibility for the safety of production, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of serious accidents. We should do a good job in ensuring the stability of the letters and visits, the anti skid Road, and the fire prevention in the mountains and the safety supervision of the food and drugs.

We should do a good job in good discipline. We should strictly implement the rules of the central and provincial Party committees to implement the eight provisions of the Central Committee, and effectively promote the transition of cadres' style of work. We should seize the Spring Festival and other important time nodes, adhere to the former, highlight the problem oriented, and seriously investigate and deal with the "festival corruption". Do a good job of inspection and rectification. We should strengthen political awareness and responsibility awareness, accurately grasp the rectification work standards, continue to consolidate the rectification results, strengthen the "trace" management, and ensure the completion of rectification tasks with high quality.

We should adhere to the party construction, grasp the development in the first hand, grasp the fist, and gather the wisdom and strength of all parties to promote the comprehensive promotion of all the work in Ganjingzi. We should innovate and transform work style and implement of the work carrier, and guide cadres to learn to do,to compete to do and rush to do in good condition, assume the style and constantly achieve new breakthroughs in development.