Tang Yijun: Strengthen Pragmatic Implementation to Accelerate Overall Revitalization

On the afternoon of January 27th, Tang Yijun, acting governor and deputy secretary of Liaoning province, attended the First Session of 13th Provincial People's Congress Dalian delegation and examined the government work report with all representatives.

At the meeting, representatives Tan Chengxu, Zhao Fuzeng, Liao Weiming, Li Zhengqiang and Wang Guobin took turns to deliver speeches. 

After listening to the speeches carefully, Tang Yijun mentioned that Dalian had gained great achievements in the social economic development in the past five years, which was in the leading position in the whole province. Especially for last year, Dalian has made great important contributions. Implementation was much more important than deployment, Tang Yijun stressed. As the current fundamental policies, aim and task as well as thinking and initiative have been defined, the emphasis shall be laid on the implementation to obtain effectiveness. It shall further strengthen the orientation of pragmatic implementation to boost all undertakings to higher levels and to make more glorious achievements.