Authorities Strengthen Efforts to Improve Working Style of Government Departments in North Yellow Sea Economic Zone

The management commission of North Yellow Sea Economic Zone immediately formulated or perfected related regulations or measures aiming to improve the working style of the government departments after Zhuanghe CPC committee issued The Opinion on Implementing Measures to Improve the Working Style of Government Departments & Personnel in Zhuanghe Through Investigations Conducted Publicly or Privately.

The move is part of the government efforts to improve the business environment in Zhuanghe.

As the window of opening to the world, North Yellow Sea Economic Zone plays an important role in attracting investment for the city. And the working style of the government personnel has a direct impact on the business environment.

According to the requirement put forward by Zhuanghe CPC committee for attracting investment, the management commission of North Yellow Sea Economic Zone strengthens the effort to attract investment by formulating the catalogue for guiding investment in major industrial sectors. While trying to attract foreign investment, the authorities also turn the attention to domestic investment. Meanwhile, it strengthens policy incentives, supply of factors and enterprise service to attract investment from both home and abroad.

The senior executive of the management commission requires the government personnel to create a satisfactory business environment for the investors.

We should provide quality services for the investors, he said.

We should provide a friendly environment for development of the enterprises investing in our city, he said.

The Measures urges the governmental departments to make the commitment to providing services for the investors 7/24. It requires substitute personnel should be appointed for all service desks located inside the governmental departments.

Moreover, the Measures stipulates the “first inquiry accountability system”, specifying that the government employee who is the first to accept the application from the investors or citizens for handling an administrative formality shall be responsible for the service until it’s finally provided.

The Measures also stipulates that personnel should be appointed to track the services provided by the government departments.