Hehuashan Town Is Chosen for Development of 1st Batch of Poverty Relief Projects for Low-income Villages

According to reports, after an evaluation made by experts at a meeting held in the morning of January 12, Hehuashan Town is chosen as the site for development of the 1st batch of poverty relief projects for low-income villages in Zhuanghe city in 2018.

The projects focus on cultivation of mushrooms in 4 villages – Hedong, Tongju, Jishun and Wanyi, covering 272 farming families, and involving a total investment of RMB 13.6 million.

Hehuashan Town is one of the 55 low-income towns in Zhuanghe city.

Given the fact that some farmers in Hehuashan Town are skilled in cultivating mushrooms, five experts unanimously agreed at the meeting that there is certain potential for development of cultivation of mushrooms in the town after they learned about development of the projects, put forward questions to developers of the projects and got responsive answers from them.

According to reports, 14 poverty relief projects will be developed in Zhuanghe using special poverty relief funds, covering all 55 low-income villages in the city.

It’s expected that the move will further increase the income of the poor families, and more importantly help the poor villages be deleted as soon as possible from the list of low-income villages specified by the government.