Lushunkou District Will Strengthen the Supervision and Managment of Agricultural Products’Quality and Safety in 2018

Lushunkou District will strengthen the supervision and managment of agricultural products’quality and safety in 2018. It will constantly improve the quality and safety system construction, ensuring the annual inspection and examination of exported agricultural products’ quality and safety in demonstration zone. It will struggle to create a safe agricultural products city successfully to finish the construction task with high standard.

It will further cultivate and improve the new-type agricultural business entity, standardize 5 farmer cooperatives, identify 5 family farms and add a leading company for agricultural industrialization.The development of green pollution-free brand of agricultural products can be promoted by the creation of leading enterprises and agriculture cooperation professional organization. In this year, it plans to identify one more green agricultural product and four more non-pollution agricultural products, and create a brand-name agricultural product of municipal level. To enhance the awareness and reputation of Lushun brand, it will expand the sales platform of Lushun high-quality agricultural products with local features, improving the quality and level of urban modern agricultural development in the whole region.