Li Lihua Was Selected As the Outstanding Female Volunteer of Liaoning Province

The Results of the outstanding female volunteers and the women’s  volunteer teams in Liaoning province was announced. Li Lihua, as the only volunteer representative in Lushunkou Distric, was selected.

This activity is launched by Provincial Women’s Federation. It aims to motivate women to participate volunteer service, promoting the progress of female volunteer service, creating a healthy environment in the whole province. After preliminary examination and re-evaluation, 230 outstanding volunteers and 228 excellent volunteer service teams were selected. 19 volunteers were selected in Dalian.

In 2010, Li Lihua founded the Promoting Parenting Class. It has got the unanimous approval of parents for her loving and hard-working spirit. The class has now become the largest after-school parenting class in the development zone. In 2015, she set up a practice base of college students and provided practical positions for over 50 college students, laying a solid foundation for them to obtain employment. In 2017, she also founded the only training institutions of brain potential development in the whole district. During the course of running it, Li Lihua helped needy students, neighbors and people with disabilities, winning wide recognition from society.

In 2015, Li Lihua was awarded as municipal “outstanding female volunteer”, employed by Municipal Women’s Federation as the “one to one private teacher counselor” the same year.