Zhuanghe Municipality Convened Poverty-Reduction and Village-Level Collective Economic Development Working Conference


On the afternoon of January 8th, Zhuanghe City held a working conference on Poverty Relief and Collective Economic Development on Village Level in 2018. The meeting comprehensively implemented the spirit of a series of important meetings held by the higher level on poverty relief work, summarized the work of the poverty relief in Zhuanghe City in 2017, and deployed various tasks to tackle the problem of poverty relief and develop the village-level collective economy in 2018. Zhang Shuping, the Municipal Party Secretary in Zhuanghe City, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Mayor Zhao Yongbo presided over the meeting. The city leaders such as Li Yongxiang, Yu Decai, Song Li, Yang Yong and Su Changzhong attended the meeting.


The meeting heard the Work Report on the Poverty Relief of Zhuanghe City in 2018 and made clear the target of the poverty relief; Rong Town Flowers, Municipal Construction Management Office, Zhuanghe Civil Affairs Bureau and Dalian Bank of Agriculture and Commerce Zhuanghe branch and others made typical speeches at the meeting.


Zhang Shuping pointed out in her speech that this meeting was the first city-wide convention at the beginning of the new year and fully reflected the great importance and enthusiasm of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Governmentin poverty relief and developing and grows the collective economy in village.


Zhao Yongbo requested in the summary of the meeting that the whole shall further unify the thinking and actions tothe decision-making and deployment made by superiors. Zhuanghe City shall devote itself into the work with the spirit “time and tide wait for no man, seize the day and seize the hour”, exert all energies for the work, precisely formulate the measures and work with quiet hard application, to promote that all policies and measures can be fully implemented and ensure thatit can achieve the goal of getting rid of the poverty problem on schedule.


The main leaders of the member unit  Zhuanghe“ Issues of Agriculture Farmer and Rural Area”Innovation and Poverty Relief and Development work leading group, part of the main leaders of Financial and Insurance Department stationed in Zhuanghe, main leaders of the small towns and street of the Party and Government Departments, 55 persons who respectively are the heads of each division, specialized cadres and working leaders stationing in the village, and 205 Party Secretaries of administrative villages attended this meeting.