Municipal Ethnic Affairs Committee Communicated and Learnt the Spirit of the 5th Plenary Session of the 12th Municipal Committee Meeting and Municipal


On January 4th, the Municipal Ethnic Affairs Committee held a meeting of the cadres of division level and above to learn and communicate the spirits of the 5th Plenary Session of the 12th Municipal Party Committee Meeting and the Economic Working Conference, as well as the 86th Executive Meeting Municipal Government convoked on the same day.


The meetings stressed that it was necessary to earnestly learn and understand the principles of these two meetings, exert all efforts to implement strategy of rejuvenating the rural area, pay attention to the resolution and prevention of financial, targeted poverty relief and pollution control risks, focus on developing the impetus of innovation, revolution and open-up, further raised the awareness of the importance and complexity of the work relating to ethnic and religion, and earnestly enhanced the sense of work responsibility and mission. Furthermore, they also pointed that it was necessary to earnestly promote the transformation of the style of cadres, continued to vigorously promote the work style of "doing a good job as soon as possible and doing it better" and improved the execution ability of cadres, so as to strive to build a contingent of cadres with high ideological qualities, good ethics, strong governance and tangible work style.


The meetings pointed out that it is necessary to fully implement the  various decisions and plans of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, continue to promote progress while maintaining stability, scientifically plan the works of 2018, deepen the ethnic unity and progress , intensify its efforts to give the oriented assistance to minorities, promote our economic, cultural and sports enterprises of our city's ethnic minorities, strength the religious affairs management according to laws, actively guide the adaption of religions to socialism, solidify the wonderful situation of national unity and religious harmony, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the ethnic groups and religious people and make nre contributions to the construction of "Two New Areas" of Dalian in the new era.